Q:Why choose Simply Enak?
A:We are local residents who are sincere in sharing our knowledge and passion for food and good eats around town. We bring you where we would dine with family, friends and workmates. 
Q:Am I required to make a reservation? Can I show up ad-hoc ?
A:Simply Enak strives to give its clients an individual experience. Group sizes are therefore limited to small numbers. To avoid disappointment of full groups we require reservations for all our Food Experiences. Last minute reservations may be possible, please use the contact form to inquire for last minute reservations.
Q:How do I pay?
A:From October 2013 payment takes place through Paypal prior to the start of the tour. You will receive an invoice from Paypal after all details of your booking have been confirmed. 
Q:When do your Food Tours take place?
A: Simply Enak operates daily* from Monday to Friday. *Days and times are subject to change, please look out for updates on our Website and Facebook. Our contact details are listed at both places.
Q:Is there a minimum number required before making a reservation?
A:Yes, the minimum number for all Food Experiences is currently 2 persons. If you are only 1 person, we can always put you on the waiting list in case other people sign up. If no one signs up we also offer private tours. Please inquire for prices of our private tours.
Q:Where do we start the tours?
A:The Petaling Street Heritage Food Walk starts at Lai Foong Restaurant, an easy to find location just in front of the entrance to Petaling Street. The Flavours of Malaysia tour starts from Taman Bahagia LRT station, which is located about 30min. from KL City by LRT. With the custom trips, we offer pick up from LRT stations [around KL and Klang Valley] depending on the specific trip. For all tours we will provide more details of the meeting location upon booking.
Q:Do we have to bring anything for the Food Tours?
A:No, just bring your appetite and an open mind for the variety of Malaysian food available.   
Q:How long do the Food Experiences take?
A:The Petaling Street Heritage Food Walk is 3 hours. The custom trips starts from 3 hours, half a day, to a full day. 
Q:What are your customized food tours all about?
A:We cater various food crowds and palates, by answering a few questions when you sign up for a custom trip, we can make an interesting and personalized package so you will enjoy the most of the food tour and Malaysia. Whether, you are searching for a Halal, vegetarian or a mix of everything and anything, we are happy to assist. When you are happy and satisfied, we are as well.
Q:Can I reschedule or cancel my Simply Enak Food Experience?
A:A re-schedule or cancellation is possible no less than 5 days before the actual date of the Food Experience. We aim to accommodate your request as much as possible. Last minute changes can however not be guaranteed.
Q:If a Simply Enak tour is sold out on a particular date, can I get on a waiting list?
A:Yes, you will be on a waiting list and we will keep you in the loop with the next available slot.
Q:What is included in my Simply Enak Food Experience?
A:Your Food Experience includes a Food Guide, Food and Beverages introduced as part of the Food Experience. Custom food trips includes all of the above mentioned and activities lined up as part of the customized trips.
Q:Are there any age restrictions?
A:There are no age restrictions. Everyone is welcome to join.
Q:What about reservations for children?
A:We need to be informed of all participants including children (especially young children aged 9 and below) that will be joining the Food Experience so we are aware and can be more sensitive in planning to their needs.
Q:What are the charges for an adult and child?
A:An adult (persons aged 12 and above) pays the regular full price as stated in the Food Experience page. A child (persons aged below 12) joins for free unless the number of children exceeds the number of adults, the exceeding number will be charged 50% of the adult price. (Example 2 Adults, 4 children under the age of 12, 2 children eat for free and the other two will be charged at 50% of the adult price)