Known to be one of the finest destinations for food enthusiasts, we believe that there is more to Malaysian dishes than being just plain delicious. Every dish served has its story of people and culture, and our mission is to tickle all your senses by sharing it with you! As passionate culinary explorers, we dislike ‘tourist traps’ as much as you do – that’s why we only share authentic Malaysian culinary treasures and experiences on our excursions. So, come join us on an adventure to indulge in genuine Malaysian food and experience the local community. We guarantee you’ll go home with more than just a satisfied stomach!
Our Core
Exploring All Senses
We embrace the importance of all the five senses. Therefore, on our tours we emphasize on taste, smell, hear and sight while experiencing the beauty of the Malaysian heritage and its culinary gems.
From The Heart
Being proud Malaysians, we share authentic Malaysian heritage from our hearts. We take great pleasure in filling your stomachs with savoury treats, as much as, to open your eyes to intimate stories of people, tradition and culture.
Giving Back!
Simply Enak believes in giving back to the community by supporting the local businesses we work with. By doing so, we also foster a great bond with the neighbourhood we support.